John Zada is a freelance photographer and writer based in Toronto, Canada. An interest in remote regions and cultures, adventure travel, and the Middle East have taken him to some far-flung parts of the world. Some recent travels include bushwhacking through the Great Bear Rainforest, exploring the glaciers of Yukon’s Saint Elias Mountains, journeying through Jordan’s remote Eastern Desert, and covering refugee issues along Syria's borders with Turkey and Lebanon.

John's photos and writing have appeared in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, BBC Travel, Outpost, Explore, Maisonneuve,, Al-Jazeera English, Los Angeles Review of Books, Toque and Canoe, Away, Canadian Business, Canvas and The National

Before turning his focus to photography and writing, he spent several years working as a documentary filmmaker in the Middle East. He’s produced and directed such projects as Up At Dawn: The Working Children of Egypt, and The Bitterest Exile.

John has also worked as a writer and producer at al-Jazeera English and CBC News Network.

You can contact him here for assignments, licensing images, buying prints - or just to say hello.

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