Quebec Travel Feature in ‘Explore’

My travel feature, “Quebec’s Lost Coast”, is now out in the Spring 2016 issue of ‘Explore’ magazine. It’s a traipse through the province’s remote Lower North Shore (Basse-Côte-Nord) region adjacent to Labrador. On magazine stands now.

Kitlope Journey

Last year I went on a schooner trip to the remote Kitlope Heritage Conservancy in Haisla First Nation Territory on Canada’s Pacific coast.

Here’s the story I wrote about that expedition which appears in the Canadian online travel blog, Toque & Canoe

Quebec’s Lost Coast

I’ve just returned from a 2-week journey along Quebec’s little-known (and even less visited) Lower North Shore. It is a largely roadless region of windswept boreal forest and tundra dotted with small fishing villages on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

The area’s more than two dozen communities are mostly English-speaking (with links to neighbouring Newfoundland and Labrador). French and Innu First Nation speakers also reside in the area. Many of the villages are on the cusp of extinction because of a dearth of economic opportunities and the lack of road connecting them to the outside world. 

I’ll be filing an assignment about my trip for Explore magazine to run in the coming months. And perhaps some other publications. 

Stay tuned. 

Test of Strength

Nothing to do on a Monday night in Doha? 

Why not accept an invite to watch a group of oversized men with fictitious personas (and wearing Speedos) perform acrobatics and pretend to beat on each other?

From West to East

Behold: the skyline of Doha, Qatar. In the foreground, a traditional dhow plods the warm, shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf. 

Doha is a spanking new city; a smaller, quieter, more conservative version of its coastal neighbour, Dubai. It’s also perpetually under construction. Condo-style offices and residences rise up from the desert like weeds. 

There’s said to be a gritty South Asian neighbourhood here that’s relatively free of the plasticity and futurism shine that robs much of this town of charm. Off to investigate. 

Wade Davis on the Sacred Headwaters

The <a href=”” data-link-type=”external” data-link-value=”” target=”_blank”>Los Angeles Review of Books</a> is running an interview I did with Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis.

Davis, who’s a prolific author and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, spoke with me about ‘The Sacred Headwaters’ - a wilderness region in northern B.C. revered by the province’s First Nations as an area of cosmological genesis.

A travel feature about the area will also run in the spring issue of Explore magazine.

Kluane in ‘Away’ magazine

The publishers of Toronto Life and Pearson International Airport (YYZ) have teamed up to create a new travel magazine called Away. It’s available in the departure lounges at all of Pearson’s terminals.

The first issue has just gone to print and includes a short piece I wrote about Yukon’s St. Elias Mountains and Kluane National Park. Photos included.

The Snowforest

Last week we experienced what people around here call an “outflow” - a blast of Arctic air “flowing out” from the B.C. interior. An overnight snowfall brought a light dusting of white to a landscape which I’d only ever seen green.

I took this shot of nearby Cunningham Island. It looks a bit like a painting.

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